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Snohomish County Logging, Land Clearing & Excavating

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  • excavation going on to reduce a hill
  • excavator after creating a road bed
  • logging completed and stacked
  • excavating a road bed
  • grinding limbs and debris
  • after the land has been cleared
  • stacked logs after harvesting
  • stripping, measuring and trimming trees

Snohomish County Land Clearing

Davis Enterprises NW is equipped to handle all your tree removal and land clearing needs. We are Snohomish County native born and bred with roots in tree removal, brush clearing and logging. There is nothing quite like the majestic forests of the Snohomish County with Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, Lodgepole Pine, and Western Hemlock. Taking care of and making use of these marvellous trees is an honor. Placing residences and commercial buildings amongst them is a thrill.

We love working in Snohomish County. While we do Snohomish County tree removal and brush clearing, we can also help you with grinding of site materials and disposal of wood chips and timber.

Don't use just anybody with a bull dozer and a chipper to meet your needs, pick a company that can partner with you to reach your goals at an affordable price. If you have a Snohomish County tree removal and brush clearing project give us a call today!