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Stanwood Logging, Land Clearing & Excavating

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  • excavation going on to reduce a hill
  • excavator after creating a road bed
  • logging completed and stacked
  • excavating a road bed
  • grinding limbs and debris
  • after the land has been cleared
  • stacked logs after harvesting
  • stripping, measuring and trimming trees

Stanwood Excavation and Logging

Davis Enterprises NW is equipped to handle all your excavation and logging needs. We have done a number of jobs for excavation and logging in Stanwood and Camano Island. Wtih our rural Snohomish County location, we are able to yard a number of pieces of clearing equipment critical to doing an efficient and effective job. With some of the heavily forested areas we are lucky to own a large tub grinder that makes short order of timber stripping and heavy under-story. If you need someone to help you build your dream, or you just would like to get a feel for your options, give Davis Enterprises NW a call. We are confident that you will feel comfortable using us for your excavation company needs.

We can Assist with your Stanwood Escavation Project

Stanwood Excavation and Logging

We can do even more for the Stanwood and Camano Island areas. Excavation and logging are only two jobs we can tackle. We can provide demolition of existing structures, cleare brush, grade a site, trim trees, and build (gravel) roads. Anything you need to get your property ready to build on is in our scope. In that respect, we are a one stop shop. If you have an excavation and logging project in Stanwood give us a call!