Davis Enterprises NW tree removal and tub grinding services

Arlington Logging, Excavation, Land Clearing

Professional site work including land clearing, logging, excavating, and road building. We provide top quality services for both commercial and residential clients. We provide full services to clear and prepare a lot for building.

We serve all of Snohomish County and the surrounding area. We are also available for contracts in North and East King County. Based in the Lochsloy area of Lake Stevens in Snohomish County and surrounded by undeveloped land, we understand rural and semi-rural construction needs. We are ideally situated to work in our own back yard and beyond. We understand the area well and provide competitive pricing and locally owned business friendliness and commitment.

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  • excavation going on to reduce a hill
  • excavator after creating a road bed
  • logging completed and stacked
  • excavating a road bed
  • grinding limbs and debris
  • after the land has been cleared

Arlington Excavation and Logging

Davis Enterprises NW is equipped to handle all your land excavation and logging needs. It is important to have the right equipment to match the job. Fundamental to any land clearing job with a wooded and brush choked lot is a solid excavating tool. Big job - big lot, small job - tight spaces it takes the right excavator to make a big task into a small job. We know that. That is why we are equipped to service your needs the right way. If you have an Arlington excavation and logging need be it a single residential plot, a commercial shopping center or a new neighborhood we can help you out. The right excavator for the right excavation! Compare tools.

Mini Excavators are handy for large Arlington Tree Removal jobs

Mini excavators run in the 1 to 6 ton range with 13 to 60 horse power. Blades from 28 inches up to 78 inches, 70 inches up to 150 inches dig depths, and 6,000 lbs of dig force. Mini or compact excavators are best used for smaller jobs where load sizes are smaller, travel distances shorter, and grades less inclined. They are perfect for residential lot clearing, excavation and small structure preparation. A perfect match for many Arlington excavation and tree removal needs.

Small Excavator

Medium excavators tend to range in the 12 to 20 ton range and are work horses of the industry. With up to 120 horse power they can make quick a large job like clearing a one or two acre treed lot. They are capable of doing major moving with a digging force up to 25,000 lbs and a vertical digging depth of up to 200 inches. Perfect for excavation of foundations and underground structures.

Arlington Excavation and Logging

Large Excavators

Less frequently used in medium sized jobs, large excavators are reserved for large clearing and preparation jobs on large commercial construction sites. These beasts clock in at up to 100 tons and 500 horse power. They have a maximum digging depth of up to 400 inches and are designed to move mountains. These aren't used very much for Arlington tree removal but are perfect for large excavations and logging tasks!