Davis Enterprises NW snohomish logging, land clearing, excavating

Logging, Land Clearing & Excavating


We serve all of Snohomish County and the surrounding area. We are also available for contracts in North and East King County. Based in the Lochsloy area of Lake Stevens in Snohomish County and surrounded by undeveloped land, we understand rural and semi-rural construction needs. We are ideally situated to work in our own back yard and beyond. We understand the area well and provide competitive pricing and locally owned business friendliness and commitment.

Land Clearing

from raw to ready

Professional site work including land clearing, logging, excavating, and road building. We provide top quality services for both commercial and residential clients. We provide full services to clear and prepare a lot for building.


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  • excavation going on to reduce a hill
  • excavator after creating a road bed
  • logging completed and stacked
  • excavating a road bed
  • grinding limbs and debris
  • after the land has been cleared

What Our Company Represents

Davis Enterprises NW is owned and operated by Joe Gorsline. We provide land clearing and excavatoin services across Snohomish County. Based in Granite Falls, we are outdoors people with roots in timber. We love the outdoors and we love working in nature. It is important for us to be close to the earth.

Our job is to tame land and make it work for your needs. We do it all. Starting with native woods we can clear trees and perform logging. Whether we are looking at a single site or a large plat we can perform the work with quality and efficiency.

We are specialists at land clearing, excavation, logging, debris grinding, and removal. Our large tub grinder makes quick work of underbrush, scrub, and branches. We can leave you mulch or we can haul it away.

We contour the land with our excavator, building up and leveling earth, adding contour for drainage, raising earth to move above the flood plane, and digging drainage ponds. Whatever your needs are and your blueprints show we can do it.

Snohomish County is our excavating and logging backyard

We help you develop access and movement. We layout access routes, bring in and distribute gravel and pack the gravel to create roads into the plot.

We prefer to work in Snohomish County but we can go beyond for special customers. We have provided work in Stanwood, Camano (Island), Marysville, Everett, Arlington, Granite Falls, Snohomish, Clearview, and Lake Stevens. Being based in Snohomish County surrounded by lots of undeveloped land we are ideally situated to work in our own back yard. We know the area and we can provide cost effective service as a result.

We are country people that believe in trust, honesty, and commitment. We love what we do and we love doing it for our good customers. Great people working with great people. Want to work with us? Just call.