Davis Enterprises NW tree removal and tub grinding services

Granite Falls Tree Removal and Brush Clearing

Professional site work contractor providing top quality services for both commercial and residential accounts. We provide full service land clearing and preparation including tree removal, brushing clearing, brush removal, excavating, grinding and logging.

We serve all of Snohomish County and the surrounds. We concentrate our work in Stanwood, Camano (Island), Marysville, Everett, Arlington, Granite Falls, Snohomish, Clearview, and Lake Stevens. For large jobs we can travel further. Being based in the Lochsloy area of Lake Stevens in Snohomish County, we are surrounded by lots of undeveloped land. We understand rural and semi-rural construction needs are are ideally situated to work in our own back yard and beyond. We understand the area well and we provide competitive pricing and locally owned business friendliness.

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Granite Falls Land Clearing

Davis Enterprises NW is equipped to handle all your tree removal and brush clearing needs. It is important to have the right equipment to match the job. Fundamental to any land clearing job is using the right tools for the job and that is what we are all about. Trained professionals combined with the right tools to get any Granite Falls tree removal and land clearing job done quickly and cost effectively.

What Does Tree Removal Cost?

As with any service job, tree removal and land clearing costs are dependent on the nature of each job and need to be quoted on site. Nonetheless, there are some rule of thumb cost indicators for tree removal and brush clearing tasks. Some of the metrics involved in determining costs include: soil conditions, overgrowth, land slope, amount of dirt to be moved, amount of debris, existing structure demolition and other items. Soil conditions that consist of soft mossy soil may mean that moving equipment is a problem while hardpan can create issues for scraping and digging, especially when combined with rock formations. Overgrowth made up of light brush is easily bladed while heavy forest require felling, cutting and haul away; not to mention root ball excavation.

While our pricing is custom quoted, costs can run from $500 to $2,000 an acre for lightly overgrown and brush choked flat land up to $6,000 an acre or more for forested land requiring lots of tree removal and brush clearing. Granite Falls' expanse of tree removal and land clearing possiblilities can easily contain any and all of these conditions. Just call us to discuss your specific requirements.